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Traditional dishes of the Lesser Carpathian region that you will fall in love with

Taste or even learn traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

Wine tastes best with good food, for example with crispy goose, which won the hearts and stomachs of many. Do you know which village has over a century of tradition of its preparation? Taste or even learn traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

A village famous for its roaring delicacy

Svenský Grob is located at the foot of the Little Carpathians, a few kilometers from the town of Pezinok. A tasty and fragrant over a century old tradition has been preserved here. The secret from the subtitle revealed. The goose season in Slovenský Grob begins with an open day, which takes place at the turn of August and September. On this day, the smell of roast geese begins to waft through the streets. To make your slinky flow a little more, we will reveal that the best wines from the Little Carpathian winemakers are often served with the specialties. You can enjoy such an irresistible connection in Slovak Grobe restaurants such as: Grobský dvor, Husacina & Pension Karolína, Pub at the Golden Goose, Husacina at Jakub's, Husacina near Zápražný, Husacina plus pension, Green Yard.

Husacina in Slovensky Grob

Duck in the wine cellar

Few people know that wine cellar Majoliky R in Limbach was once a ceramic workshop, which later developed into a place where you can taste wines from the entire Lesser Carpathian region. The history of the ceramic workshop is preserved, and during the tasting you can take an artistic break and make a product on the potter's wheel, which you can then paint and take home. Of course, there are gourmet specialties, such as crispy duck with homemade lox and red cabbage, which you can enjoy while listening to live folk music and have fun until the morning. 

Majolika R wine cellar in Limbach

Wine tasting in the wine cellar

Carpathian fly is situated in the traditional Small Carpathian town of Modra, in the Harmónia part. Surrounded by beautiful nature, it offers you a unique wine tasting combined with local gastronomy.

Dinner in the vineyards

In the heart of the Little Carpathians, in Horská pivnica in Modra, you can look forward to a tasting of 5 wines combined with a three-course menu from top chefs. It is chamber tasting Karpatská Muška in an environment of beautiful nature and ubiquitous vines. 

Dinner in the vineyards

Flavors of the Lesser Carpathians

You can also find out what the Little Carpathians taste like at the festival of wine, local gastronomy and culture. You will visit 31 wineries in 8 villages. Included events there are also many cultural events and special festival menus. See what the event looked like last time. 

Small Carpathian Flavors Festival

A few local recipes for masters in the kitchen

Traditional Modranské frkacule

Frkacules are an addition to the festive soup, which is usually prepared for weddings, feasts or holidays. 10 dkg of coarse flour and a little fat are added to one egg. So for a small spoon. Knead the dough, roll it into a circle and cut it into small diamond-shaped pieces. These can be placed on a grooved stick, and with the help of a wooden spoon, we turn them on a plate and snort them. Hence the name. We have to let them dry for at least a day and then we can put them in, for example, chicken soup. 

Bean soup "fazulnačka" 

We put the beans in a pot with water and let them stand until the next day. The next day, we cook it, and when the beans are half soft, we add cleaned and chopped vegetables. Add salt and cook until soft. Thicken the soup with a stew made from lard, flour, onion, garlic and ground pepper. Season the beans with salt and black pepper. When it's ready, add finely chopped parsley. We can serve with wide noodles. If you think you have an even better recipe for bean soup, you can take part in the Budmericka fazuľovica competition, which takes place in the grounds of the manor park in Budmericie. 

The local wines taste the best with sciaccanica 

Mash half a kilo of boiled potatoes, add 300 grams of plain flour and salt. Then, shape the dough into a roll. Cut it into smaller parts and roll them into patties. Put cracklings and a teaspoon of semolina in the middle, which will soak up the grease during baking. Season the top with salt and pepper and press the edges together so that the filling stays inside. Now comes the squeeze that gave them their name. Finally, just brush with egg and bake until golden. 


Sciskanice were traditionally served with bean soup or just with local wine.

Are your slinkies converging? Enjoy crispy and juicy goose, excellent lox, baked duck and delicious liver that melts on the tongue in the establishments of the guild of goose farmers, or prepare meals in the comfort of your own home according to traditional recipes. In any case, don't forget to have a great wine from the Lesser Carpathian region, which will enhance your gourmet experience. Bon appetite! 

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