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8 non-traditional experiences in the Lesser Carpathians that you will not forget

Let yourself be surprised by experiences in places that you may not have even thought about until now. 

Do you feel that you have already seen everything interesting around Bratislava? Read the following lines carefully and let yourself be surprised by tips for experiences and places that you might not have even thought about until now. 

1. Tasting in a different light

Apparently, no one doubts that there is no shortage of quality wine in the Lesser Carpathian region. You can experience tastings of this "drink of the gods" during wine events or just visiting local winemakers. IN Small Carpathian Museum however, they decided to offer visitors something extra. In the cellar of the museum, you can enjoy the so-called color tasting with family or friends. Its charm lies in the fact that the act of tasting takes place in a specially lit environment, which, together with the sounds of music, creates a unique atmosphere. No less exciting is the alternative, where the wine is tasted in complete darkness.

Colorful wine tasting

2. Experience the traditions yourself

The towns of Pezinok and Modra, in addition to their winemaking tradition, are also famous for the production of beautiful painted ceramics. See production in the workshop Majoliky R or Slovak folk majolica, buy handmade ceramics in company stores, or even better - create something of your own with the help of skillful master potters - potters and painters. You know it - the best from your own taste!

Slovak folk majolica Blue

3. An experience that will take you to the clouds

If you are not afraid of heights and feel like a good dose of adrenaline, at airport in Dubová you will feel at home. At the nearest sports airport near Bratislava, you can jump with a parachute, fly on a hang glider, or even try piloting an airplane. In addition, the surrounding area offers wonderful views of places such as Budmerická kašiľ or Červený Kamen Castle. We dare to say that they are even more beautiful from above than from the ground. And that's enough to say. 

Experiential flight over the Little Carpathians

4. Fulfill your childhood dream

Did you want to spend at least one night in a tree house as a child? Dreams must be fulfilled, and in the Lesser Carpathian region you have a choice of two such places. Experience moments full of romance literally in the arms of nature. Choose a house Dubodom above Svätý Jura, or Oak tree house in the forest near Modra. Alternatively, you can try spending the night in both! 

5. Exotics within reach

Your children will especially love this place. Let them pet a camel, feed a llama and look directly into a beehive under the supervision of an experienced beekeeper. On the Ali farms in addition, they will also try making candles from beeswax and processing wool from local sheep. 

Ali farm Vinosady

6. A four-thousand-year-old heritage

Falconry is a noble, fascinating and exciting tradition left to us by our ancestors. Come get excited about Falconry yard Astur, you will see the connection between a majestic animal and a person in the beautiful surroundings of Červený Kameň Castle and experience what it's like to be a falconer. By the way, do you recognize Sam, the mascot of the SR football team, among the local predators? 

Falconry yard Astur

7. Lighten up on history

A lantern tour of the Modran cemetery will bring you a completely different kind of experience. In the unique atmosphere and dim candlelight, looking at the places where the giants of Slovak history rest, many a history lover will get chills. Follow in the footsteps of writers, painters, sculptors and national movers with guide Martina Klucíková.

Lantern tour of the Modran cemetery

8. The treasure is hidden in nature

Go to the local forests for adventure! Become a treasure hunter. How? Our last tip for an unconventional experience is geotourism with a guide. A team Geopark Malé Karpaty will teach you how to pan for gold, look for rare minerals or fossils, and at the end of a non-traditional day full of new discoveries, you'll try Malocarpathian wines at a tasting in the mining tunnel.

So, which experience do you start with? 

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