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Go on a hike for the most beautiful views

Great tourist experiences can also be had in the Lesser Carpathians. In this article, we will bring you closer to the places that will win over every nature lover.

Hikes in the Small Carpathians are easier compared to the Fatras or Tatras, very suitable for children or the elderly. A stay in nature will surely be welcomed by more than one pet with a cheerful wagging of the tail. Many people probably don't know about it, but Slovakia is known in the tourist world as a country with a very sophisticated, dense network of trails. We have up to 13,000 of them here, and the branders were not far behind even in the Small Carpathians. Although we limited our selection to the so-called Pezinské Malé Karpaty, choosing the most beautiful views was not easy. 

1. Rocky

The first peak of our selection can be easily reached from several directions. The closest and also the easiest way to it leads from the well-known Zochova cottage. You will probably not be surprised when we tell you that we will mention it in our article. The one from the village Kuchyňa is slightly more demanding. In both cases, you will pass the Čermák saddle on the way, which is a popular stop for picnicking families with children and young couples. A snack before the short but steep climb to the top comes in handy. The last variant of the ascent is the route from the village of Pernek. The peak of Skalnate is characterized mainly by a lone tree and views that are most beautiful at sunrise. Thanks to the proximity of the Zoch cottage, practically all adventurers equipped with a flashlight and good orientation in the terrain can enjoy such an unusual experience.

2. Kukla observation tower 

We already mentioned the lookout tower at the top of Kukla in the article dedicated to cyclists. It can be reached from practically all sides. From the village of Dubová, where you can shorten part of the route by driving to the Fugelka cottage. From Píla, if you have also included a visit to the local landmark, Červený Kameň Castle, in your daily program. Or similarly as in the previous case, from the parking lot in front of Zoch's cottage. The lookout tower itself is built of wood and measures 15 meters. From it you can see Červený Kameň Castle, Vysoká or part of the extensive Danube Plain. Access to its top is provided by a ladder, and if you are with children, let them go ahead of you. 

Lookout tower on Kukle

3. Veľká Homoľa and Three Horsemen

You can add another comma. You can reach one of the most popular mountains of the Small Carpathians, as usual, from the Zochova cottage. Along the way, you can see the interesting natural monument Tisové skaly. Veľká Homoľa is a really great place for an easy Sunday trip. Since 2018, one of the youngest lookouts in the region has been standing here. It is over 20 meters long and you can see the White Carpathians, Veľká Fatra and often even the Alps from it. A stone's throw away from the observation tower is the Traja jazdci rock massif, which is especially popular among rock climbers. If you go to Homoľa from the part of Modra called Harmonia, you will also have another viewpoint on the way, Zámčisko hill. 

Alexander Filípek lookout on Veľká Homol

Well, the highest point of our selection is… 

4. High

Mandatory ride in the Carpathians, a relatively more difficult climb, a very photogenic peak. That's all you need to know about the Vysoká mountain. However, it must be said that what we wrote at the beginning still applies. Almost everyone can do the hike with small breaks for refreshments. The ascent itself can be done from Kuchyna or from Zochova hut and will take you 2-3 hours. Of course, only if you didn't take spekáček or bacon. Along the way, you will pass several great fireplaces, which are definitely worth the delay. An interesting thing is the small symbolic cemetery, which you can find just below the peak. And when we're at the top, we can't help but notice the cross, which is typical for Vysoká. Together with the beautiful panorama, it forms a perfect Instagram still life. 

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