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In 3 days

The Little Carpathians are best enjoyed in bulk. We bring you a selection of the best that you should definitely not miss in the forests and towns of the Lesser Carpathians.

Consider our tips mainly as an offer of options from which you can choose your own and thus arrange your own unique several-day vacation in the Lesser Carpathians. And don't let yourself be limited.

Svätý Jur

In the ancient wine town, you can feel the rich history literally at every corner. Without exaggeration, almost every single building here is a valuable monument. Svätý Jur is already unique in accommodation. The very pleasant place is exemplarily renovated Pension Krone right in the city center. On the contrary, an unconventional and charming experience is offered by accommodation right in the middle of nature, in the crowns of trees in Dubodome, where you will experience romantic comfort in the Little Carpathian "wilderness". Last but not least, accommodation in apartments is a real gem Pálffy mansion or in Apartments under Morusou in the original Renaissance vineyard house. So, feel even better here than at home.

Photo: Miroslav Grenčík

Impression of St. George and its historic center with Gothic Church of St. George, the plague pillar, Pálffy mansion or the original wooden belfry, best completes Martina Klucíková.  Martina, a local patriot, will guide you through the sights and nooks and crannies of the town like no one else and will share with you information that you would otherwise not easily find. 

Photo: Miroslav Grenčík

Be sure to try it in St. Jura local Saint George wines in Wine centers, or go directly on a private wine tour, which you can complete practically all year round.

Photo: Miroslav Grenčík

The jewels of St. George are the original Renaissance building Vineyard house a Pálffy Manor. After all, local wine with a long tradition is best enjoyed in its original, historical environment. Getting to know the town will be completed by a visit to the vineyard open-air museum, which is actually also a place for a pleasant walk in nature.


Truly royal moments await you in Pezinok. Accommodation directly at the castle, in Palace Art Hotel (Šimák Castle Pezinok) with a diverse selection of rooms, a gallery of art glass and its own winery, an exhibition of motorbikes or a tour of historic Pálffy apartments.

Šimák castle Pezinok

Right next to the castle, you can wander into the castle park or take a look Small Carpathian Museum and take advantage of discounted admission to its exhibitions together with castle exhibitions in Šimák Castle. The museum takes care of the largest collection of wine presses in Europe, and it wouldn't be Pezinok if you didn't have the opportunity to taste a selection of the best local wines here.

Don't forget about Schaubmar's mill! In its premises you will find exhibitions focused on contemporary and modern art. In a pleasant environment, there are also rich accompanying events, workshops, and you can also spend time here with good coffee and desserts.

Shaubmar's mill in Pezinok

Speaking of a pleasant environment, farm enterprises they will definitely catch your eye. You can enjoy wine and refreshments at Mlsná Ema, in Zámocká viecha Pálffy you can treat yourself to an extraordinary lunch with wine, and exactly the same applies to Restaurant Pálffy - perhaps the most exclusive establishment in the town. The local pearl is Domček Celestín, where, in addition to wine tasting, you will be served gourmet goose, game, goulash and other traditional but quality delicacies. So how about trying something?

In addition to food, the Rozálka equestrian center is a specialty here, where you can look forward to tennis, horse riding courses, as well as massages and hiking in the nearby area.


Spending time in Modra is the only good choice. You will find out when you choose accommodation in Hotel pod Lipa, or in Hotel Zochova chata, which is designed in accordance with the surrounding Little Carpathian nature. And where to go when you've had enough of the local wellness and restaurant?

Hotel Zochova chata

Blue is the epicenter of the over-the-top wine experiences. We invite you to Cuvée Modra, Spider caffe and enoteca, Cafe Modur or until Old times.

It is a good match for the excellent wine here excellent cuisine. You can recognize its qualities by its own language in Wild kitchen, Old house, About coffee & food, Elesko restaurant and it's very nice Kinečko bistro and a restaurant Bowling in Modra-Harmónia. Count on a very pleasant, local atmosphere at all locations, which will make every bite a unique experience.

Photo: Miroslav Grenčík

You can learn a lot about Modra and its history in Ignác Bizmayer Gallery, where they will show you the figurative work of this artist and Museum Ľ. Stura you will learn everything about this national stimulator. Don't forget about Slovak Folk Majolica entered in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Slovakia, where you can buy beautiful ceramics or make your own in workshops and excursions.

Do you know that in Modra it is a shame to leave before dark? Don't miss the lantern tour of the local cemetery, where you will learn a lot of interesting information about the Little Carpathian personalities of Slovak importance. So come and shed some light on local history.

And now it's time for hiking

Wine tasted, restaurants tried, museums and galleries viewed? We have good news for you. In 3 or more days, you can manage to walk not only the local towns, but also the forests. So no hanging around the room.

Choose from the possibilities offered by the nature of the Small Carpathians. See the fabulous remains of the castle White stone in the middle of lush nature, or let yourself be guided along the hiking trails to the viewpoint on Veľká Homoli, which will reward you with truly beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

The crown of the Small Carpathian forests is the castle Red stone with many exhibitions, art objects and a surrounding park. Along with the breathtaking panorama, you will also come across falconers and their unique numbers.

Red Stone Castle

The Little Carpathians will enchant you at any time of the year, you won't get bored wandering around Geopark Malé Karpaty even during "pumping" in Bikepark Pumptrack at Zoch's cottage.

Do not miss the "seven hundred" of the Lesser Carpathians Big Homola, mountains High a Rocky. In this blog learn more about them.

Our team will help you choose and plan your trips application Malé Karpaty, full of advice and tips for getting to know our region.

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