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Pálffy Manor

Svätý Jur

The former manor house, later rebuilt into a manor house, experienced periods of ups and downs. After many years of decay and unsparing treatment, the precious monument was opened and made available to the public in 2021 after a sensitive reconstruction. 

The real Renaissance residence was built from a manor house by Katarína Pálfi and Štefan Ilešházi. But he was so unpopular because of his cruelty that he got "on the carpet" of King Rudolph II. The situation developed very unfavorably for Ilešházi and he fled to Poland after being accused of treason. The manor survived Rákoci's rebellion and the fire, but remained devastated. In 1734, in gratitude for his loyalty, King Karol VI donated various estates, including this property, to the Pálfi family. The new owners and their descendants took exemplary care of the new properties. The last owner of the manor, Ján Pálfi, even donated the building to a children's hospital in 1907 and set aside 60,000 guilders for this purpose. But with the beginning of the great war, the noble intention disappeared. 

Today, you can experience the atmosphere of ancient times here and treat yourself to a literally royal feast. The Habsburg Lounge, decorated with portraits of important families, is ready for you, which is also a fine dining restaurant. The local chefs, led by a creative chef, will demonstrate their culinary art right in front of your eyes. 

The honest flavors of Austro-Hungarian cuisine as well as traditional or seasonal dishes typical of the Lesser Carpathian region are spread through Hostinc Palatín. Goose, game or dishes made from local ingredients - you can find all of this in the inn's menu under the oldest vaults of the manor house. You can end an extraordinary evening with a cigar and a glass of good rum in a discreet space - the cigar lounge. 

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