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Krone Svätý Jur – guesthouse, restaurant, cafe

Svätý Jur

Krone Svätý Jur is a unique space that will make your vacation more enjoyable. Beautiful accommodation with a boutique atmosphere, a modern cafe with excellent desserts and a culinary experience of traditional historical recipes in a stylish restaurant or on the terrace. There is also a rich selection of delicious wines and a historic wine cellar.

The German name Krone reminds and refers to the rich history of the origin of the German population, but also to the discovery of a fresco depicting the Hungarian crown, which was found during the reconstruction in the cellar. The original noble manor has an interesting past and belonged to many famous families. In the 16th century it was Jelšič's manor, two centuries later it belonged to Baron Podmanicky and in the 19th century it was owned by František Zichy.

With a sensitive reconstruction, it was possible to breathe new life into this historic place and thus create a jewel, from where you will leave satisfied, rested and nourished.

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