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Lost and found

5. 11. 2022  15:00 - 17:00


Exhibition Lost and found with a subtitle An expedition into the past and future of Schaubmar's mill  offers a glimpse of the first results of the long-term project of a new, reconstructed form of the miller's exposition in Schaubmar's mill. It maps its layered history and also investigates the messy but forgotten history of the Schaubmar family, which left an indelible mark on Cajla and Pezinok.

As part of the exhibition, (not only) children's visitors will also be able to have fun with a new educational box full of original play elements and information about the mill, conceptually put together by Terézia Parec. A millinery dictionary with pexes will also have its premiere at the exhibition.  

Authentic mill artefacts, photographs, films, animations, statements of memorials and memorials are also included in the exhibition, and the audience of Schaubmar's mill is encouraged to participate actively.  

The exhibition will be open until April 30, 2023.

Exhibition program:

15.00 | Opening of the exhibition

15.30 | Program for children: presentation of the mill box

16.00 | Eva S. Kotláriková and Viera Kleinová – curatorial interpretation of the exhibition 

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