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A small forest

20. 4. 2023  17:00 - 18:00


Drama workshop A small forest  theater FÍ with Lucia Janovová and Róbert Máťuš

Who all lives in the forest? What happens if it rains too much? What makes up a forest?
These are also questions that we will look at in the drama workshop A small forest. During one lesson, children will explore the topics of ecology and environmental protection. In the end, we might be able to make our own small forest.

The FÍ Theater covers young professionals who work in various art forms (theatre, visual and digital art).
The main one is work for a children's audience. He approaches the child viewer as an equal partner. Through their performances, they develop children's imagination and visual perception.

The number of places is limited, so we would like to ask parents to register their children in advance at the email address kniznica@kcmodra.sk. We look forward to the adventure together.

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