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Blood money

5. 11. 2022  19:00 - 20:30


The Múza Teatro theater in cooperation with the L+S studio and the Modra Cultural Center brings you the exciting detective story "Blood Money". Mark and Liz. A seemingly ordinary married couple that moves in the world of show business. He has a weakness for girls, she is a failed actress who seeks solace in alcohol.

Their relationship is falling apart, it's only a matter of time before they break up for good... When mysterious phone calls suddenly start... and in them the mysterious voice of a person who should have been dead a long time ago... the bloody secret of their past begins to surface. The secret that still keeps them together. A dysfunctional relationship turns out to be the least of Mark and Liz's problems. Someone knows that they committed a crime years ago, which they managed to hide and thus escape punishment.

The play, which at the beginning looked like an ironic social comedy, turns into a chilling thriller, into which the psychotherapist July and the young beautiful girl from the neighborhood Sue enter. And in the end, there will only be a game for bare life.

"Blood Money", an excellent game by the author trio, three brothers who write under the brand name Heather Brothers.

Helena Krajčiová
Ľuboš Kostelný
Kristina Greppelová
Ráchel Soltésová

You can buy tickets here: https://bit.ly/3ekKTBw

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