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Slovenský Grob

Slovenský Grob

The biggest advertisement in the world for Slovenský Grob is roast geese. The rumor about this delicacy, which they know how to prepare perfectly here, is spreading around the world, and if you have the opportunity, you should definitely treat yourself to this gourmet experience. 

Although the season of roast goose, which is excellently complemented by buttered lox, is especially in autumn and in the period when St. Martina blesses young wines, you can enjoy the soft, fragrant wine here all year round. 

The fact that the geese play really well in this village is obvious already upon arrival. In the central part, a gilded statue of a goose in larger than life size was installed. Dvorov and the restaurant where you can taste goodies from goose meat are blessed here. Thanks to the strong competition, the quality remains, even in the form of the offered Malocarpathian wine and homemade burčiak. 

Slovenský Grob will not disappoint even lovers of monuments. The oldest building in the village is the church dedicated to the birth of St. Ján Krstiteľ, patron saint of the village from 1635. However, we would award the title of the most attractive tomb monument to the Chapel of the Seven-sentient Virgin Mary from 1790, surrounded by a row of trees. Legend has it that a certain landlord carved a statue of the Sorrowful Virgin Mary at this place. That's why believers have been traveling here for centuries, always in the middle of August. Not to be missed is the Baroque Chapel of St. in the center of the village. Anna, who according to the early apocryphal gospels was the mother of the Virgin Mary. 

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