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Small Carpathian Seven Hundred


The highest peak of the Lesser Carpathians with a height of 768 m above sea level is located in the National Nature Reserve of the same name. You will conquer the mountain from several directions.

You can follow the yellow tourist sign from the Smolenice train station, the blue one from the center of Smolenice, and the red one along the ridge from the Ostrý Kamen ruin from the 13th century near the Buková reservoir. It is 4 km from Smolenice and Bukova to Záruby. The most interesting is probably the ascent of the Devil's chute from Smolenice with a stop at the Occasional waterfall in the Hlboča valley. It is the only waterfall in the Lesser Carpathians, but it only flows if there is enough water. That's why he got such an unusual name. 

An ordinary tourist can do the hike to Záruby in any direction, only at the end the hill is steeper and you will sweat. You have to be more careful in some sections - especially if it's dry, as the terrain is sometimes made up of rocks and stones. But even children can do the hike. The shortest way up is the one from Smolenice – it takes about two hours there and back. Set aside about 2 hours more if you want to make a round trip from Smolenice to Ostrý Kamen along the ridge and back through the valley via Brezinky. 

"The Windy Hill of Záruby will delight tourists, although it does not offer any spectacular views. A cross and a compass are placed at the top. The door frames are overgrown and hidden as if in the forest. But you will have a beautiful view from the aforementioned Ostrý Kamen."

Spring in these woods is scented with wild garlic. If you collect it on the way up, it will certainly go well with the snack at the top. You can also use the fire pit, provided of course that it does not blow, which is not unusual in Záruby. Záruby has a special charm even in winter, covered with snow. At this time of year, think about your own safety and be sure to take non-slip shoe covers in addition to hiking sticks. 


The second highest Malocarpathian seven-hundred is 754.3 meters. It is very attractive from a tourist point of view and will also provide you with beautiful views. The ascent to it is not exactly difficult, but it is one of the more difficult within the Small Carpathians. Save your strength for the final climb. We recommend Vycka as a half-day trip.

The total length of the route here, whether you go from Zochova Chata or Kuchyne, is under three hours. It is ideal to go from the Vývrat reservoir, but you can also choose the Baďura mountain as a starting point. 

Output from the Kitchen and Vývrat

From the village of Zahora, the route follows the blue route, first through pastures with cattle. After a short descent you will come to a place called Vývrat. If you need to shorten your ascent, know that you can reach this point by car on asphalt and you can start here. The journey from Vývrat to Vysoká takes 1.5 hours, if you go from Kuchyna add 30 minutes. 

From Vývrat you will climb through the forest to the forest road. Several rotten sleepers have been preserved here, reminding that a train once ran here. Continuing along this route with switchbacks, you will go uphill. A long, slightly uphill traverse takes you to the grassy saddle under Vysoka, and a short but steep climb takes you to the top. The final section leads through a rocky ridge, where be careful in bad weather and when descending.

Exit from the Baďura mountain range

The former quarry is located near Rohožník, in the direction of Vajarská Quarry. There is a signpost from where you can go to Vysoká in two ways. The first route leads along blue, red and blue again through Zadné Hlinenné, Sedlo Skalka, Taricovské Skaly and Panské uhliská. The most technically demanding passages lead precisely from Panské úhlíske. If this variant did not appeal to you, take the Štefánik cycle route from the Baďura mountain range. You will go along the Rohožní stream, turn onto the bike path at the Zadné Hlinené signpost. This is how you get to the bottom of the ridge of Vysoká, where you connect to the blue tourist sign and ascend to Vysoká. Both of these routes from the Baďura mountain range take half a day - the shorter route takes up to 2.5 hours, the longer route takes up to 3.5 hours. If you want, you can combine them - go up one time and go down the other.

Exit from Zochova cottage

This ascent is longer, allow 2 to 3 hours for it. From "Zoška" you can follow the ridge of the Little Carpathians to Panské Uhliské and from this signpost directly to the top. You can get to Vysoká from Zoška by several tourist signs. If you follow the yellow road, you will cross Čermák's meadow, a popular place for tourist gatherings, barbecues and picnics. The blue will lead you to the huncokar cemetery.


Either way – you'll be walking through the forest steep, but look forward to the reward at the end! You will get to a location where many years ago, trees creating various bizarre forms took root. We recommend the route to more able-bodied tourists with good physical condition. If you do not need to return to the car parked near the Zochova cottage, you can also end the hike to Vysoká in Kuchyna.

On Vysoká there is a fixed wooden cross, a steel mast, and a little below the top there are many commemorative plaques commemorating the victims of the local mountains. There is also a smaller symbolic cemetery here. Vysoka is generous in terms of views and you can see a large part of the hills of the Lesser Carpathians from it. In beautiful, clear winter weather, it is fabulously photogenic. But keep in mind that, as in the case of all mountains, the weather can change quickly and the landscape around you suddenly turns into an inhospitable land. We therefore recommend a winter ascent due to the time requirement from Vývrat. The path to Vývrat is usually rough, but keep in mind that it can be frozen on the way up and normal hiking shoes will not be enough for the way down. It is especially bad if there is mud or frost and ice. Use hiking sticks and sleeves with spikes.


This well-known seven-hundred mountain with an exact height of 704 m above sea level in the main ridge of the Little Carpathians is suitable for perhaps all tourists - except for one section, it is not difficult.

The only more difficult section is at the end before the climb to the top. But you can usually meet families with children here. They go to Skalnatá, for example, from Zochova Chata, which is the shortest option and takes 3 to 4 hours there and back. Several routes lead to Skalnatá.

Photo: Simon Holly

Exit from Zochova cottage

From the parking lot of the Zoch cottage, you can reach the top in 1.5 to 2 hours by following the yellow and then the red tourist signs. On the way up, you will go through the vast Čermák meadow, where you can enjoy a snack, or on the way back, roast something, or replenish your supply of water from the mountain spring Modranská Baba. You can also camp here if needed. On the way up, it is here that you turn from the yellow to the red sign, which is the main ridge route. Follow the sign carefully, because not far beyond Čermáková lúka it turns sharply to the left, so do not continue straight along the wider road. The ascent is about 5 km long.

Exit from the Pilanské area

Pilanské is a place located above the parking lot at Zochová chata. You can also park here. If you want to go from here, take the asphalt road to the barrier, behind which the yellow-marked forest cycle path begins. A less known and less frequented route will also lead you to Čermák meadow and then to Skalnate.

Exit from Pezinská Baba

We recommend this 6 km long hike only to more experienced hikers. It starts at the parking lot in the Pezinská Baba saddle and you have to go through the red ridge marker. If you decide to go here, during one hike, you can complete four of the eleven Little Carpathian Seven Hundred - Čmeľok, Javorina, Čertov kopec and finally Skalnatú. The road up to Čmeľok is steep and is located directly at the sign, Javorina and Čertov kopec stand to the side and access to them is not marked.


From Skalnata, you will see the most famous peaks of the Lesser Carpathians – Veľká Homoľa, Vápenná, Vysoká and Záruby. The peak is not wooded, so in the summer you will not find shade to rest here, there are also no natural barriers and therefore it is quite windy here.

There are several fireplaces on the hill, but setting fires is not allowed here. Better leave that to the aforementioned Čermák meadow, named after the mountaineer Csermak, who is also buried here. The meadow with a swing is also great for throwing a frisbee or camping at night. If you are attracted to winter ascents, be sure not to leave non-slip shoe covers at home. Cross-country skiers will be pleased to know that a cross-country trail runs under Skalnatá

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